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What is Floor Graphics? 7 Benefits of Using Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are nothing but signage on walking floors or staircases, usually found in business premises or general public places. They offer a multitude of benefits ranging from marketing to providing directions, as well as for aesthetic purposes. Floor graphics design services are provided by service providers who specializes in graphic designing and content creation.

A picture is worth a thousand words is an undeniable statement. An image conveys information or ideas more precisely and with ease than verbal descriptions. We get to see digital displays, large signages, sign boards almost everywhere like shops, malls, theaters, airports, stations etc. They makes our lives interesting in many ways.

Let’s analyze on some important benefits of floor graphics.

1. Effective marketing strategy :

Floor graphics provide effective marketing solutions since they are very much attention grabbing. It can highlight the ongoing offers/discounts of a store which attracts the onlookers and leads to up selling. Businesses can advertise in public places like railway stations, airports using floor graphics to enhance their visibility.

2. Cost effectiveness :

Floor graphics services are relatively cheap as they involve easier designing, manufacturing and easily available materials like vinyl sheets. Small businesses can benefit from this innovative, efficient yet cost effective method of floor graphics.

3. Space saver:

Traditional advertising methods involve physical boards, displays which occupies space in the enterprise areas. Whereas floor graphics are more like go with the flow model. They don’t need dedicated spaces but can be pasted in floors seamlessly.

4. Irresistibly enticing :

Attractive, vibrant graphics with alluring content never fails to attract the onlookers. It evokes a sense of interest in the potential consumers as to explore the content in the floor graphics. This can effectively lead to impulsive buying, which is profitable to the business.

5. Uniqueness stands out:

Uniqueness in business advertising, marketing come off as a game changer. Floor graphics ideas are so innovative and creative which makes them stand out uniquely from the conventional marketing practices. Service providers offer excellent graphics designs and catchy phrases pertaining to state of the art ideas.

6. Offers directions:

Floor graphics effectively serves the purpose of navigation or direction inside bigger enterprises or malls. They can show arrow marks with little descriptions to navigate to the special products, intended sections and so on. Since they look attractive and simple, customers have a happy shopping experience and more likely to visit the store again and again.

7. Novel social distancing :

The unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic has called for social distancing between people as the most important safety precaution from the virus. Almost every important public place like offices, markets, hotels, malls, gymnasiums, religious places has incorporated the floor graphics idea to effectuate social distancing, by marking territory for every individual. Other safety precautions like washing hands, sanitizing hands and belongings, wearing masks are also denoted using floor graphics.

Thus, its clearly evident that floor graphics are innovative, cost effective, easy to manufacture, easy to install solutions with variety of applications like marketing, navigation, public awareness and many more.

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