How to Take Screenshots on HP laptop Windows 11,10

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  • Make sure your screen is displaying the information that you want to screenshot.
  • Driver issues are known to cause login issues in certain applications, including Fortnite.
  • Let us now see how to screenshot on an HP laptop.
  • Window snip takes a screenshot of your active window with one easy click.
  • Clicking on the full-screen snapshot will take a screenshot of your whole screen and launch an editor where you may tweak it.

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Share a screenshot

We’ll walk you through the many ways you can capture an image of your desktop, from pressing a few keyboard buttons to employing screencasting software. Go to the Snipping Tool desktop application and click on the icon “New” of the snipping tool window. Now using the crop feature, edit the screenshot as per your needs and save the image on your HP laptop. This option captures just one window, but you will have to highlight the desired window before using the key command. Again, this just sends the image to the clipboard and does not save the image automatically. There is a ton of free and open-source software available if you want to utilize a more potent screenshotting tool that allows you more freedom and has more built-in editing tools.

Using the Snipping Tool

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