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External wall cladding provides a decorative covering to a building structure. One of the most remarkable features of a building is its external cladding. Retinor offers a wide range of solutions for exterior cladding in UAE, from designing, manufacturing to supplying. External cladding helps to control the infiltration of the weather environment. It gives your company an aesthetic look from outside.  

The primary function of exterior cladding is to protect your building from moisture and excessive heat. Our exterior cladding will help your building to have better thermal performance.

Seeking for an outdoor wall cladding company in Dubai, UAE? We are delighted to help you with our exterior cladding services in UAE. Contact us to discuss your requirements with us. Our team will help you with a better design for your company’s outside look.

Why choose us for Exterior Cladding in UAE?

Retinor provides exterior wall cladding with a wide range of materials. The most prominent benefit of external cladding is the minimal maintenance and cost-effective solution. For instance, we provide aluminum material cladding for the company’s exterior for long lasting resilience and protection. 

Our exterior wall cladding in Abu Dhabi is trusted by many of our esteemed clients. We aim to help you in building an aesthetically appealing outside look of your building to have a high market value of your brand name. You can also customize your wall cladding, for instance, you can choose color patterns and textures from our wide range of varieties. 

Each type of exterior cladding has its unique look to a building facade. Our experts will help you decide what works well for your requirement and budget. 

Do you want to have an exterior cladding solution for your building? You are the right place. We are happy to assist you. Let us know what your company’s dream exterior is, and our team will help you make it a reality. 

While construction of a building, external cladding is the most crucial part for any building owner. Cladding helps in the protection of the building as well as add the aesthetic look to it. Retinor provides a wide range of cladding materials, such as plastic, brick, wood, and many more. You can rely on us for a better external wall cladding of your building with better finishing.

Retinor is a trusted name among exterior cladding manufacturers in UAE. We provide cost-effective exterior cladding in UAE. Contact us to know which type of material is better for your building. 

There are so many benefits of exterior cladding, such as:

  • Easy to install
  • Provides aesthetic looks
  • Aad strength to the walls
  • Hard and heavy
  • High stability
  • Low maintenance
  • Protective

You can use external cladding in many places, and a few of them are written below — 

  • Commercial building
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • PVRs, and many more.

Are you searching for exterior cladding suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE? Let us help you in your venture of building a fantastic look for your new company. Talk to our expert to discuss your requirements. 

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