Light Box Signage

Back light boxes are widely recognized as one of the effective solutions to advertising. It is one of the best advertising mediums for promotions and corporate signage. Retinor provides custom light box signage manufacturer in UAE. You can rely on us for any kind of illuminated or colorful light box signs outdoors. 

Back light boxes are a great way to showcase your custom graphics in portrait or landscape orientation. Our light boxes are a durable and ultra-modern way to get your customers’ attention at any space. It is a good piece for decor as well as advertising in your retail outlets.

Seeking for backlit light box displays in UAE? You can contact us to discuss your ideas with our experts. Our company process of working on your project will include concept, design, fabrication, manufacturing, and supplying.

Our Projects

Retinor is a light box sign supplier in Abu Dhabi, UAE. To maximize the value of advertising, you can contact us to customize a backlight box. We provide cost-effective services and provide signage solutions according to your business requirements.   

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